Can supporting a charity bring your team closer together?

04 September 2019

The International Day of Charity is observed annually on 5th September, with the day declared in 2012 by the UN General Assembly. It sets out to raise awareness and an understanding of the vital work that individuals and charities do, not just locally, but around the globe. And with charities operating services and functions across health, animal care, education and international development, the possibilities and options to provide support to these within your business are endless.

To recognise the day, we have taken a look at how supporting a charity can bring your team closer together.


Supporting a charity of the year

For organisations, choosing a charity of the year to support can provide a plethora of opportunities to bring your team closer together.

Through your team nominating a charity that resonates with them and holds meaning, you can better understand the values of the people you work with. Furthermore, business leaders supporting a charity of the year allows them to better define the businesses corporate identity, aligning beliefs and ethos company wide.

Bringing your team closer together through supporting a charity of the year allows individuals to bring stronger connections and work better together. This in turn can boost morale as businesses step-up to deliver on their corporate social responsibility (CSR).


Team bonding

The notion of team development is a key component of all businesses. As such, supporting a charity is a fantastic way to bring your team together. Through boosting awareness, providing technical support or raising money for a charity, the people within your business can gain a wide range of transferable skills that can too be applied to their role as well as to support the charity.

Bringing together different departments or functions that don’t always work together or engage as much is a good way to unite the team and offer opportunities to develop the team in different ways.

Supporting a charity not only goes a long way to give back to a cause that is important, but also to allowing the growth and development of your teams’ skills and for them to engage both externally with the charity and internally within the business.


Celebrating and rewarding achievements

Recognising the success of your team will assist with bringing them together, unifying the workforce. Having a shared goal of supporting a charity allows the team to make a visible, impactful change and offers a great sense of achievement in doing so.

Importantly for business leaders too, retaining key talent is essential. Celebrating and rewarding the investment that your team has made in supporting a charity within the business is a significant way to do this. For your workforce, reaching fundraising milestones will be a personal achievement too, and this being recognised within the company will bring the team closer together, boost morale and uplift and increase the overall productivity.

It continues to be of increasing importance to understand and acknowledge what your team needs and requires in order to continue to develop. In celebrating the International Day of Charity, we recognise the impactful contribution that workforces can make globally to give back to these incredible causes and to bring teams closer together.


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