Why is it important for your employees to feel they belong?

20 May 2019

The feeling of belonging is a sentiment that will resonate with employees in businesses around the world. Knowing that the contribution you make to a company is valued can have a profound impact on the way that employees work within your company. Whilst there are many ways in which you can create a culture of inclusivity in the workplace, these are some of the reasons why it is important for your employees to feel they belong in your company.

Retention and longevity

If employees feel valued and have a sense of belonging within their working environment, they may feel more passionately about committing to a long-term future there. For businesses, employee retention is key to retaining clients and in turn builds up trust between your team and the client base that you have secured. As a team grows and develops, it is evident that those holding a long-term position within the company feel more comfortable and included in their role as their service continues.

A Happy workforce

Having a positive and happy workforce brings a whole host of benefits, not just to the mood of your team, but also to the results driven by them for the company. As an employee, being comfortable as themselves, expressing who they are and feeling a sense of belonging leads to a happy team, an increased positive mood and mutual understanding of the way that the team works. A happy workforce encourages team development and reflects positively on the company ethos for potential new business and candidates.


For your company to drive and enhance results, there needs to be motivation, drive and consistent productivity. It is important for your workforce to feel as though they belong, as it is this sentiment that can drive momentum to deliver more efficient and well-considered work for your company. Encouraging this notion can also enhance the business offer with more proactive working, offering your client base with new, forward thinking approaches to current or new business – which is imperative to successful growth and scaling of your company.

Safe space

Creating a safe space within your company, where employees feel relaxed, comfortable and able to express their identities encourages a place to nurture inclusion and diversity and a sense of belonging. It is not enough to assume that your company adopts a safe space for all employees from junior through to senior positions – it must be supported and visualised throughout the team. The lasting impact that welcoming employees with a feeling of belonging and inclusion can reach much further than the confines of the office. Being surrounded by like-minded talent exudes the opportunity for new creative thinking to come to the forefront and will be an accelerant to growth and awareness of your company.

It is evident that ensuring your employees feel they belong to your company can enhance your business offer, improve workplace mood and support the development of the company. But now it is time, especially in modern society, to implement long-term strategies and development plans to ensure that all employees feel included and welcome.