Why we need to celebrate bisexuality as part of LGBTQ

23 September 2019

Celebrate Bisexuality Day

“If we are to achieve faster global progress towards equality for lesbian, gay, bi, trans, and intersex people, businesses will not only have to meet their human rights responsibilities, they must become active agents of change.”

(Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights).

On 23rd September, we recognise celebrating bisexuality day, which acknowledges and appreciates the bisexual community and their supporters. Marking 20 years of celebrations in 2019, this day holds a particular call to action, in that it challenges biphobia, explores bisexual history and raises awareness of how society can support the community.


For businesses, those at the top of the C-suite have the opportunity to take steps to lead the change that is required – to ensure they are being inclusive of all employees. It is important that this is not a token gesture, but is instead a firm part of a company’s ethos and commitment to supporting the LGBTQ+ community.


Eliminate all discrimination

No employee should face discrimination – of any kind. It is therefore imperative for businesses to concentrate on creating an inclusive environment whereby workers can feel comfortable and be themselves.

Widening bisexuality awareness within businesses goes a long way to ensuring that appropriate and rigorous support systems are in place to eliminate any prejudice or unfair treatment. Senior positions within the company have a responsibility to monitor and review training policies, concentrate on adopting and making best use of onboarding processes and ensuring that there are no hiring and recruitment biases.

Providing support within your workplace should not need to be forced, it should be part of a natural, inclusive strategy that the business leaders seek to manifest as a forward-thinking, progressive company.


Educate yourself to become an active, genuine ally

Unfortunately, even in today’s progressive society, there are some people who still do not believe that bisexuality exists and forces those who identify as bi into an uncomfortable position. This needs to be addressed and for society to understand that bisexuality isn’t an experimental phase.

One of the best ways we can celebrate bi visibility day is by educating ourselves, peers and colleagues on the challenges faced for bisexual people. It is of particular importance here to acknowledge the barriers bisexual people have to overcome within the employment sector, including a lack of employer support and hostility, discrimination or issues with awareness. You shouldn’t expect other people to do this for you, there are a wide range of resources to allow you to enhance your awareness and appreciate the history of the LGBTQ+ community.

In educating yourself, you can form part of a wider, collective action and social dialogue that seeks to uplift and appreciate the bisexual community. We can listen to our bisexual friends and colleagues and be a supportive, knowledgeable ally.

Businesses across the globe are taking steps to become more progressive, forward-thinking and understanding of the challenges and barriers for people who identify as bisexual within the workplace, with charities such as Stonewall, providing ongoing assistance and materials to educate and deliver safe environments for employees who identify themselves as a bisexual.

You are valid. You are understood. You matter.


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