Market Intelligence

In an ever-changing landscape we think it’s critical to keep up to date with the specific, insights and trends that shape your marketplace. That’s why we have experienced, inquisitive researchers ready to discover those hidden gems. Our bespoke and confidential Market Intelligence service will inform you who the best (and diverse) individuals are in your particular area of interest. We will use tailored techniques and sources that enable us to not only reach diverse, talented people quickly but also to develop a map for a future talent pipeline. Successful people are always on the move and the factors influencing sectors are constantly changing so up to date intelligence is crucial. That’s why we don’t recycle - instead we treat each assignment as a completely new and individual challenge. Refreshing isn’t it?

Specialist knowledge

Our skilled consultants have the specific business knowledge needed to understand the complexities of each specific intelligence assignment.

Our expert team has specialist experience in a variety of sectors including:

Central Government

Charities & Social Enterprise

Commerce & Industry



Financial Services

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Local Government

Property & Construction

Retail & Consumer




Types of roles

We conduct confidential market intelligence projects specifically for the following functions:


Chair of the Audit & Risk Committee

Chair of the REMCO

Chair of NOMCO

Committee Members

Non-Executive Director


Chief Executive

General Management & Operations


Digital, Marketing & Communications

Human Resources

IT & Technology

Legal & Company Secretary

Procurement & Supply Chain

Transformation & Change


Examples of confidential research projects

Identifying diverse Chairs for a FTSE 250 Company


Female leaders in Risk for a Tier One Bank


Female and ethnic minority leaders in Finance for an Insurance Business


CIOs for a global Retail Business


Ethnic minority Trustees for a major Charity


What they say about us

“Audeliss is a truly unique executive search firm. The entire team provides an exceptional breadth of experience and insight. I’ve worked with them on multiple roles at Aviva and I’m particularly impressed with their level of perseverance and tenacity to deliver. Finding rockstar diverse candidates is something we take seriously and Audeliss are as passionate about that as we are. Their due diligence and assessment methods always result in an accurate picture of the candidate that stands the test of time and performance.  If you are used to working with the traditional search firms, give Audeliss a go, you will not be disappointed. I look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Sarah Morris, Group Chief People Officer - Aviva Plc

“From the very beginning, Audeliss understood exactly what we were looking for. The team practised close communication with complete professionalism throughout the search. Despite a challenging brief they provided a variety of diverse candidates, whose skills and experience consistently impressed the Nationwide Board at every stage of the recruitment process.”

David Roberts, Chairman - Nationwide Building Society

“The team is authentic and takes a partnership approach, which not only makes me feel valued as a client, but it ensures the best candidates are provided to us the first time. Audeliss is ahead of the rest and I would encourage other businesses to take the same modern approach because of the commercial value it adds now and in the future.”

Dave Bradley, Retail HR Director - Primark

“The role required a very specific brief that called for niche candidates with both analytical and communication skills who would also be a good cultural fit for the unique environment at Ofcom, and we were eager to increase the diversity of the team. Audeliss presented us with a diverse shortlist that included excellent senior female, BAME and LGBT talent with a broad range of skills and experience.”

Sharon White, Chief Executive Officer - Ofcom

“STEM is a notoriously difficult industry in which to find diverse candidates, particularly female and ethnic minoriy talent, so we engaged Audeliss knowing they were executive diversity specialists. Audeliss rose to the challenge, delivering a global shortlist that included exceptional female and ethnic minority candidates, with whom we were incredibly impressed. Their unique ability to source excellent diverse talent and to provide a positive and productive recruitment experience.”

Gordon Pitman, Senior VP Human Resources - GKN