How we build better businesses: the Audeliss way

As Audeliss commemorates its 13th anniversary, we reflect on our journey of championing change from leadership levels, leveling the playing field for diverse leaders in executive and Board appointments.

Since 2011, Audeliss has been at the forefront of redefining executive search, reshaping the landscape of leadership to embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our principle is to level the playing field for leadership teams and boardrooms globally, ensuring that everyone has a fair chance to excel. Although we are committed to representing LGBTQ+ individuals, people of color, and women leaders, we advocate for all talented individuals, placing talent before background.

At Audeliss, ensuring alignment with companies that are serious about DEI is vital. Before engaging with any organization, we conduct thorough due diligence to assess their DEI commitment. This involves evaluating not only their stated policies but also their track record, leadership composition, and proactive efforts to foster an inclusive culture. We prioritize partnerships with companies that demonstrate a genuine dedication to DEI, embracing it as a core value rather than a mere checkbox.

Rachel Huggins, Senior Delivery Consultant at Audeliss, emphasizes the importance of companies demonstrating genuine commitment to diversity, dealing with biases, and creating a safe environment for diverse hires to thrive. According to Rachel, “We know companies are serious about DEI when they do not make excuses about their lack of representation. They tackle it head-on and are purposeful about wanting to attract diverse talent – regardless of how long it takes.” Alex Wyld, Head of Delivery at Audeliss, further elaborates on this by highlighting the importance of factors such as the placement of DEI roles within reporting lines and the presence of DEI resources within organizations.

What sets Audeliss apart from other executive search firms is our genuine commitment to authenticity and meaningful relationships. We focus on detailed candidate evaluations, recognizing the value that diverse leadership brings to organizations. Louise Gore, Audeliss’ Senior Delivery Consultant, observes, “Big shifts are occurring, with increasing interest in disability and NED roles. Audeliss is uniquely positioned to navigate these changes, leveraging our extensive network and expertise to identify exceptional talent from all backgrounds.”

At Audeliss, our approach isn’t just about filling vacant roles—it’s about developing diverse leadership teams. We start by challenging conventional briefs, such as the fixed idea of experience and background companies want the ‘right’ candidate to have. We push organizations to expand their criteria by encouraging them to consider lived experiences over academic and professional ones; this can result in companies finding candidates who can meet the skill requirements but also bring diverse perspectives to the role.

Above everything, Audeliss is deeply committed to ensuring that candidates are thriving in their roles and are safeguarded against tokenism. We approach each process prioritizing authenticity and inclusion, guaranteeing that candidates are valued for their genuine contributions. We delve into the company’s culture, environment, and commitment to fostering diversity. We look for clear indications that the organization provides a supportive and inclusive workplace where every employee, regardless of background, has a voice and an opportunity to make a meaningful impact. Suki Sandhu OBE, Founder and CEO of Audeliss, reinforces the importance of inclusive voices and the subsequent impact it has on businesses if the culture is not receptive to them, noting that “Clients and team members today hold higher expectations for their workplaces. Diverse talent prioritizes environments that champion inclusivity and diversity, factoring these values into their career choices. Those who feel a lack of inclusivity within their organization are more inclined to seek opportunities elsewhere.” This is very evident in recent studies showing that due to microaggressions and lack of opportunities to progress, women leaders are leaving their roles at record rates.

Beyond the hiring process, Audeliss places emphasis on ensuring the ongoing success and fulfillment of candidates in their roles. Manuel Heichlinger, Managing Director at Audeliss, expands, “At Audeliss, we go beyond the initial hire. We’re dedicated to ensuring that candidates not only succeed but thrive within their roles. Through regular check-ins and tailored support programs, we empower our candidates to navigate their career journey with confidence, contributing to a culture of inclusion and growth within their organizations.”

Working with Audeliss shows that organizations are sincere about advancing their DEI goals. Our history of achievement, combined with our belief in authenticity, positions Audeliss as a trusted partner for businesses striving to cultivate more inclusive environments. Amna Khilji, Global Head of Client Development at Audeliss, reinforces our principles, “We are about widening the gate, not lowering the bar, and we do this by ensuring a broad assessment that covers transferrable skills, journey, and acumen in a holistic fashion.”


For over a decade, Audeliss has stood above the crowd in the executive search industry, dedicated to reshaping leadership landscapes to embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our commitment to transparency, thoroughness, and ongoing support sets us apart, ensuring that candidates not only fill roles but thrive within them. As we celebrate our anniversary, we connect with organizations in our mission to build better businesses by championing diversity at every level. Let’s work together to create workplaces where every individual, regardless of background, can excel and make a meaningful impact. Contact us today to change your business towards a more inclusive future.