How To Get Your Act Together: A Judgement-Free Guide to Diversity and Inclusion for Straight White Men

What role can straight white men play when it comes to creating more diverse and inclusive companies?

The business case for diversity and inclusion is clear: they are clear drivers of innovation, profit and employer brand. Of the very few Fortune 500 companies that share diversity data, 72% of their senior executives are white men (Source: However, it’s been proven that companies with more diverse management teams have nearly 20% higher revenues (Source: BCG). So how can male white leadership unlock this potential and lead change?

How to Get Your Act Together is a one-stop, non-judgemental guide to creating an inclusive environment for your employees. Written by Audeliss and INvolve’s founder and CEO Suki Sandhu OBE and diversity specialist Felicity Hassan, this book educates and empowers you to adopt a workplace that encourages your employees to be themselves, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, disability, or any other characteristics

Suki and Felicity have created a practical guide showing you how navigate the world of D&I and how to have educated conversations about diversity, illuminating what can sometimes be tricky territory with humour and heart.

How To Get Your Act Together has everything you need to know about fostering a supportive, productive and happier workplace.


“A must-read and a powerful call to seize the opportunity that lies in embracing and celebrating people for who they are.”


Richard Branson





“A pivotal guide for going from awareness to action in creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace and society.”


Marc Benioff


“Diversity makes all of us stronger – this book offers ways to help you embrace what people can do and how they think, rather than where they were born and what they look like.”


Ajay Banga


“Diversity and inclusion are the gateways to stronger teams and better performance. This book holds up a mirror and then guides us – skilfully and persuasively – to the actions we all need to be taking.”


Alan Jope