Since day one, diversity has been at the heart of what we do. The reality is that for many businesses, diversity is still a 'nice to have' and not a strategic imperative and for well over a decade we have been working tirelessly to change that. We are not only committed to levelling the playing field for women, ethnically diverse and LGBT+ talent when it comes to executive search, but through our sister-company and campaign initiatives we are working to drive change and create more inclusive workplaces where everyone can bring 100% of their selves to work.

Our Campaign

holding organisations accountable

In the wake of the upsurge in the Black Lives Matter movement, Audeliss has been at the forefront of driving effective and lasting action on ethnic minority inclusion through our ‘If Not Now, When?’ Campaign. As part of the campaign, our open letter for action on Black inclusion was published in the Sunday Times and has now been signed by over 80 leading UK business leaders representing over 1 million employees, who are committing to long term and sustainable actions for change. Supported by Audeliss and INvolve, these
businesses are tackling the challenges faced by Black and other ethnic minority employees within their workplaces and reporting publicly on their actions to address inequality.

Organisations who are part of the If Not Now, When? campaign are committed to taking long-term sustainable actions on Black inclusion. Actions include:

Diversifying the face of our organisation

Joining us on our journey of learning


Elevating Black voices

Starting conversation

Commiting to specific actions

Organisations who have signed up to the campaign include: