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3 Easy Ways to Improve Gender Equality in your Boardroom

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28th November 2016

Equality in the BoardroomFollowing the latest FTSE350 gender diversity recommendations from Women on Boards, Audeliss agree that ‘A Gentle Touch is Too Feeble to transform the Boardroom’: and it’s not women who need to change.

With C-Suite gender equality over 100 years away, we must take drastic action to level the playing field – and fast. Business is full to the brim with excellent female candidates, and although gender still presents a barrier to professional success, companies have the power to attract, retain and develop senior female executives and champion gender diversity across their organisation.

Here are Audeliss’ top tips for improving gender equality in your Boardroom:

  1. Lead from the top – getting commitment to gender equality from your CEO and senior stakeholders will help drive change, and awareness and support will ricochet down throughout the organisation
  2. Tailor your recruitment practices – anonymise CVs and therefore prevent discrimination and unconscious bias towards female candidates, and ensure your business has a robust hiring process that is welcoming to, and inclusive of, people from all backgrounds
  3. Collaboration – work with external partners who specialise in improving diversity at the senior level, who can provide an objective viewpoint and help deliver a strategy for positive change that is bespoke to your organisation.


Chris Bernard is the Managing Director of Audeliss. Contact her at chris@audeliss.com


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